American Singer Canary Club of Toronto

Chapter 21

About Us

History of the ASC

American Singer is a copyrighted name and only birds bred to the 
standards and banded with closed, registered American Singer bands can legally 
be called American Singers.

The American Singers Club (ASC) was founded in 1934 in Milton, Massachusetts. 
The Club was started by a group of eight women breeders whose goal was to create 
the ideal pet canary for American homes and to develop a standard for 
competition. The American Singer name was adopted after the first show which was 
held that year in Boston, Massachusetts.

The American Singer Canary is a cross between the German Roller and the 
English Border Fancy. It takes approximately 4 to 5 years of systematic breeding 
to develop a strain of American Singers from its Border and German Roller 
ancestors and legally, only birds bred to the standards ("The Plan") and banded 
with closed, registered American Singers Club bands can be called genuine 
American Singer Canaries.

Primarily, the American Singer Canary is bred for song, but should be 
attractive also and in competition, there are points awarded for condition and 
conformation as well as for freedom of song and 
rendition. The ideal bird should have a free and harmonious song, which is 
pleasing to the ear, neither too loud nor too harsh, with a good variety of 

During song competition, an individual bird can earn up to 10 points for 
Freedom of Song, up to 60 points for Rendition of Song, up to 20 points for 
Conformation of Body and up to 10 points for Overall Condition for a maximum of 
100 points.

Currently, "American Singers Club, Inc." has many chapters throughout the United States and three in Canada. 
The Club's objective is to "promote the best interest of the members in the 
breeding of AMERICAN SINGER CANARIES, to disseminate information, to hold 
meetings, to do any and all things which will stimulate a public interest in 
this work." The ASC (often referred to as the "National" Club) publishes 
informative quarterly newsletters, provides closed, registered bands to Club 
members, and offers patronage awards to be presented to winning birds at 
sanctioned ASC song competitions. Only American Singer Canaries bred by the 
exhibitor and wearing official ASC bands are eligible to receive ASC patronage